Trust me you are always wrong about the myths of Men

Men is a complicate machine and unable to understand just like women. Clear these myths regarding them.

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Many of us believe that women are mysterious creatures. Probably, you cannot understand them ever and never. Similarly, open your eyes about this myth. Men are also a complicate creature in this world. Sadly! Animals can be studied but human beings can’t be ever. They are irrational creature and can lie at any time.

Trust me you are always wrong about the myths of Men

Coming back to the issue that “How a men is a mysterious creature? Well, your answer lies in these myths. There are many myths about them like they are sexual creatures, don’t cry etc. Seriously? Do you ever find such men around you? So instead of going through any surveys, I am clearing your misconceptions. Let’s see if you can familiarize it with or not.

  1. Myth 1 – Men don’t like when their partners are earning more than them

Today’s scenario is changed; nowadays men want their partners to be earning. However, who doesn’t want a stable life with security. Today’s expenses cannot be paid through one salary. Multiple hands are working and standard of living will be increased. Instead, males are more emotional supporters.

  1. Myth 2 – Men only care for women’s appearances

Isn’t men are more brand oriented than women? They want to be noticed and gain attraction. So they won’t be looking for women’s appearances. Instead they will be looking for partner who is loving and caring. Looks doesn’t matter in front of love. Probably, they become Shakespeare to impress their beloved.

  1. Myth 3- Men only needs intimacy

Sex is a need of life just like food and water. On the contrary males start everything in the bed. However, if women are so shy and are not willing to start. In that case whose mistake is it? Obviously not if they do this, they are termed as “Sexual Monster”. Clear your misconceptions about this.

  1. Myth 4 – They can’t be friends with females

My best friend is my male only. And that was my best decision in my life. Females are emotional fools who get jealous easily. On the contrary, males are the most amazing friend

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