Touring the southern India – An ultimate joy

Southern India gives travellers a more unwinding knowledge than the disorganised urban communities of the north, making it perfect for a first-time guest.

south india

You don’t have to be an experienced traveller to figure that there’s significantly more to India than the Taj Mahal. One zone that is less frequent on ones travelling records is southern India. It may not be as frequently visited as other parts of India, however, it has a rich culture and history that give it a wealth of exotic aesthetics and appeal. In the event that you’ve never been to India and you’re somewhat anxious about it, you’re in kismet: southern India gives travellers a more unwinding knowledge than the disorganised urban communities of the north, making it perfect for a first-time guest. Five states make up southern India: Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. A few dialects are talked, the primary ones being Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. Rather than the European-impacted culture of the north of India, the dominating society in the south is Dravidian, with a wide range of religious convictions calmly existing together. South Indian ladies wear the sari, and men wear a sarong-like piece of clothing. The general population are laid-back, grounded and chipper, and by and large inviting towards travellers.




In this article, I will acquaint you with the general population, sustenance and touring features of this unmissable piece of India –  a huge length of kilometers of coastline, fertile fields and rolling slopes in South India, a perpetually changing scene kept glisteningly green by the rainstorm. At the shoestring budget, get the best experience of large varieties of marine and coastal life that will brush by your ears while you stay amazed at the blue water letting you experience the wonders of the aquatic world in their pristine form. If you thought the best beaches in India were in Goa, check the beaches of Tamil Nadu, Andaman Nicobar and Kerala out! You will be simply amazed to see the clear azure waters and the yellow and white sandy shores respectively. Now scooting from the coastal beauty to enchanting hill stations. The view of the grey clouds subtly blending with the greenery of the hills is a sight worth seeing. Ever tried waterfall rappelling? If not, now is the time! An exciting challenge to overcome, with the water flowing down with force, in a moist climate, hear your heart beat in your ears. Over the sound of the waterfall. There are no better places for these than Coorg, Ooty, Wayanad, Kodaikanal which easily makes it to the list of best hilly slopes to visit in South India. Now rafting through the white waters of the hilly slopes to backwaters of Kerala. The back waters at Kerala are a breath taking sight, particularly at the break of dawn. Surf on its gentle waters, or live in one of the house boats. From the hammocks tied on the coconut trees cradling you to sleep to one of those laid back spots with grandiose authentic beauty that transports you back in time. An absolute visit that South India is, these spots offer a wide scope of activities as well.



The palm-hung strands and inland conduits of the west offering tea manors, tropical woodlands and cool hill stations retreating from the Western Ghats. The drier Deccan plateau is a long way from the flatlands, being crossed by various jagged extents and frequently splashed with emotional, stronghold topped outcrops. What’s more, over the district, saved wild timberlands shield untamed life from elephants and tigers to monkeys and sloth bears. Talking about few tourist destinations in south India, these are the ones you must visit as it won’t falter to present you with the best of amusements.




Lastly, one of the pleasures of an outing to southern India is their cuisines. Dishes are frequently served on banana leaves, which is an agreeable involvement in itself. There are culinary varieties between various states, yet comprehensively talking there’s a vegan centre, with a considerable measure of rice and lentils (daals), neighbourhood foods grown from the ground, for example, the tamarind, and obviously a lot of flavors, chilies and coconut. Southern Indian cooking is one of the best in the nation, especially neighbourhood dishes from Tamil Nadu. Caffeine addicts will be satisfied to discover that espresso is massively famous all through southern India. In case you’re including a drift on your travel agenda, expect brilliant fish.

So bounce over the vestiges, take insane pictures, read up on them or simply feel the size of the kingdom that once existed here.

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