Top 5 Most Famous Queens in History

Back when royalty was at its peak, which queens would you want to talk to?

Famous Queens in History

We struggle to find inspirational figures and people around us. But think about it once – if you could go back in time what people would you find inspiration from? Back when royalty was at its peak, which queens would you want to talk to? Here is a list of the most famous queens in history with rich personalities.

The passionate – Mary, Queen of Scots

Famous Queens in History-Queen of Scots
Queen of Scots

The First one to make entry into our list of Famous Queens in History, is Mary Stuart. The life of Mary Stuart was filled with intense romance and heart wrenching tragedies. Crowned at the age of 6, she faced many obstacles but overcome them with grace. She was married to the dauphin of France, whom she loved, but he died too soon due to an illness.  She came back to Scotland, a heartbroken but beautiful widow. She fell in love with her second husband, Lord Darnley and became pregnant with his child but lost him soon after the birth of their child. She was executed after 19 years of imprisonment.

Her reign was dominated by her passion and her charming presence. If you could meet her, what would you ask?

The prudent – Catherine de Medici, of France

Famous Queens in History-Queen of France
Queen of France

Catherine was an incredibly clever and strong French queen. It is said that she was skilled in the art of poisons and had several other talents. When she was married the French king, she was unable to give him children. Her husband drifted to mistresses but despite the patriarchal pressures, she did not give up her crown or her marriage. She was politically skilled and brutal in her attempts to protect her country.

The seductress – Cleopatra

Famous Queens in History-Queen Cleopatra
Queen Cleopatra

Cleopatra was the last active ruler of Ptolemaic Egypt but history celebrates her as an enchantress who used her feminine powers to rise in station. She influenced rulers like Caesar and Mark Antony. She was famous as the Egyptian goddess who did not defy her femininity but used it rather devilishly to dominate those around her.

The persuasive – Anne Boleyn of England

Famous Queens in History-Queen Anne Boleyn of England
Queen Anne Boleyn of England

You can’t ignore Anne from the list of Famous Queens in History, Her reign was rather short lived but her headstrong personality made her a popular queen. She was the wife of Henry VIII. She decided not to give up her virtue to the king as a mistress and such were her powers of persuasion that Henry had to fight the pope to make her his wife. Their love story was brief but filled with drama and clashes. She was later falsely accused of incest but she faced her end with calm and no resentment.

The virgin queen – Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth 1
Queen Elizabeth 1

She ruled England for 45 years during which she protected her nation form invasions and religious hatred. She was incredibly talented and could speak multiple languages. She never married or let a man overshadow her achievements. Such devotion made her one of the most remembered queens and definitely made entry into our list of Famous Queens in History.

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