The story of my first interview

Richard Branson – Your business is up and running, you’ve made a few sales and suddenly there’s a journalist on your doorstep wanting to hear about your success.


story of my first interview The first interview is like a marker that marks the experience on the person and for the next recruiters. First job’s expectation in mind gets way beyond the roof. Dead dreams revive from the deathbed created by disappointment, breakdowns and negative vibes.

The day was not so exciting…story of my first interview

The day was not so exciting as he was excited of the first interview in his life. Woke up early, bathed in dreams, dressed in expectations, the boy thought that “yeah, it is the start I wanted”. He started out of his home without his casual jeans and t-shirt. In an official set of shirt and trousers along with proper-knotted tie he got complemented by his greatest lover, his Maa.

story of my first interview

He reached somewhere with an vision of a building with security guard overseeing the visitors, and when he would be asked he would reply “I’m an interviewee” With that resume in hand which was prepared last night. Okay this vision turned out to be a dream sequence, never to be real. The office was just a mere room in a residential house on the ground floor beside a pond. As he can say he was literally polished in impressive attire like his mother complimented him. He thought “isn’t it too shiny for an office like this?” But suppressing his sarcasm, he went in for the interview.

Anyways the interview was a mess…story of my first interview

Anyways the interview was a mess and so was the office building he expected of. But the interviewer offered the job to everyone of the interviewee. Thoughts flown out like yeah, got the start and beautiful glance came in mind completing his dreams with A Work Position of “REPORTER”. Oh yeah, forgot to mention the recruiter gave him a bling of 10k salary which lifted him like he is going to buy Lamborghini next month.

He bragged to his mother and sister in every conversation like “hey, I’m a journalist” until the first assignment he accomplished.

After that first one, the tag of reporter got vanished like his expectations. The beginning was the end of his start. There were no calls for next assignments. His thoughts again melt down and remolded like from “yeah, its the start” to “lets find another start”. And now all he can remember that he was the only one wearing a tie that to with a proper knot.

story of my first interview The visual impression is not enough. There should be something lack in his efforts. But it would be good if someone would stand there to tell him his lacks, not abandoning him in the middle of nowhere with no such experience.



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