How to stop letting others define you by your age

Do, not stop from doing anything simply because you are too old or too young. Do not let the age become a bar in your success story.

How to stop letting other define you by your age

Nobody like getting old. It’s a fact and many people often get terrifies with just an idea of getting old. The prime reason of this fear is the how the other people will think about you.

The problem also occurs when you are too young. Suppose that you are 18 years old and you come up with a brilliant idea to start a company. But, when you will tell that idea to other people like your parents or teacher or anyone they will simply laugh at you. Most of these people will say that you are too young for this. This is one of the main reason why so many brilliant ideas get crushed before they can actually come up in the real world.

So, other people define your personality, capability by your age. But, this may not be true every time. A boy can come up with a brilliant idea and if you do not believe that then you should probably go through the story of Mark Zuckerberg.

If not age then what?

Now the big question comes that if age will not decide the capabilities of person then what will. This problem is common in the interview situations. Suppose there are two candidates both have good skills and are have equal capabilities. But one of the candidates is 20 years older and also have more experience in the same field. The other candidate is fresher but has the skill. In these conditions, it is often seen that companies prefer the younger employees and they expect then to be filled with more energy and could serve for the longer period of time for the company.


So, how will you judge a person? Well, the important point is not the age but the challenges that he has faced previously. The number of challenges that you would have faced will indicate your passion, desire, hard work, and dedication. These are the skills that an employer looks in any candidate during the interview. They give these skills more important than the number of years that you have worked in the same job.

A person grows with challenges

It’s true that the growth of a person is shaped by the challenges and not the age. More the challenges that you will face sharper will be your skill. This is the main reason why all the philosophers say that if you have a brilliant idea then go for it. If you will think that, it will fail and will wait for the proper moment. Then you will end up waiting for your lifetime rather than actually implementing that idea.

So, stop thinking and start doing. Do, not stop from doing anything simply because you are too old or too young. Do not let the age become a bar in your success story. If you will work with passion, dedication, hard work, then no one can stop you from succeeding.

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