The simplest guide to colour correcting

A lot of people feel that using colour corrector is simply adding an extra layer of makeup.


We all know that colour correcting is quite a big trend on Instagram and YouTube. A lot of people feel that using colour corrector is simply adding an extra layer of makeup. Well, putting weird colours on your face? What good would that do? To be honest, it can solve a lot of makeup issues and it is an extra step that does not mean it is unnecessary. Having said that, I would also like to add that not everyone needs it and this is not mandatory. You can use multiple colour correctors for different issues.

Here is the simplest no fuss guide to doing colour correcting:

Redness due to inflammation and breakouts


Inflammation and pimples can have a slightly red appearance. Some people also tend to have redness around their nose and chin area. Most of the tines, this redness can be covered with a layer of foundation. But if you are trying to get reduce the appearance of pimples and breakouts then you need a green colour corrector.

There are several brands which produce green colour corrector. L.A GIRL makes several colour correctors. If you have redness all over your face, you can use a green tinted primer by nyx. MAC also makes a green colour corrector but the one by L.A girl is the most affordable.


Dark circles

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For cancelling out the dark circles, you need to choose the colour according to your skin tone. If you have a dark complexion then use an orange colour corrector. For fairer skin tones, peach is the ideal colour correcting shade. For tanned skin with olive undertones, use a yellow colour corrector. These corrector are much pigmented and must be used very lightly. Do not go overboard. And when using these, cover them up with a good coverage foundation and concealer.


Dull skin

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Now, dullness usually occurs all over the face. Dull skin looks yellow and slightly pale. To cancel out the yellow tones and make your skin appear brighter and more luminous, use a lavender one. The best one is the primer made by nyx. It is sufficiently tinted and increases the overall brightness of the face.

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