Ranveer-Alia’s Gully Boy Is A Must Watch And Here Is Why

Gully Boy – solace for the stags and solace for the couples – a movie release that was well timed with the celebratory Valentine’s Day and one that did make my V-Day evening nice despite my current long-distance relationship status!

Gully Boy is a movie that talks so much in such little time. Delving into the lives of Murad, Safeena and their friends and families, the movie addresses the storm, chaos, internal struggles, fight for dignity of life and work, the choices one makes, and addresses dreams-versus-reality issue very well. It drives home the averaging effect of life – that every life is a struggle, be it the one that seemingly glitters or the one that seemingly seems challenging.

A simple boy-next-door Murad who is bright but entwined in the struggles of everyday life, seeing his parents struggle, being constantly reminded of his aukaat in life, is burdened by the fear of survival – the guy who ultimately sees the hypocrisy of beliefs, challenges the norms in his subtle ways, yet remains the responsible family guy all the way through.

The movie gently touches on flings, delicately handles the virtues of anchor relationships and beautifully drives home the point of what is important in life.

One experiences Dharavi 17 during the entire movie and nothing in the movie takes away from that experience.

Alia plays a fire-brand character and she carries it with suave and elegance. Kalki is subtle but drives home the point. The brilliant part, also, is that all the characters play a distinct and important role, adding to the substance of the story.

The movie may feel stretched at one point in time but that is because Ranveer’s character is so. The Indian rap lyrics are an audio treat, if you know what I mean. Even if, however, you aren’t a music buff or a rap fan, Gully Boy has enough not to disappoint you.

The movie has some kick-ass dialogues, very sharp and well written. The high point, of course, is ‘apna time aayega’.

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