The Perfect Morning Routine!

Planning ahead effectively reduces the number of problems you might face later on in the day.


You go to sleep at night thinking and wondering about how the next day will again be the same. The same job, the same people, the same travel routine, etc. But there is a way to change how you view your morning routines and how you go about it. If you begin something on a positive note, there is an excellent chance that the entire day might go well. If you start the day in a hurry and be spontaneous, things might go amiss leading to a lot of fuss and complicated situations. Planning ahead effectively reduces the number of problems you might face later on in the day. This is precisely why it is essential to have a morning routine that helps you start the day just right. I have compiled a small yet effective list to help you start your morning.


  • Rise Early!

    Start from the basics. We all have heard the saying, early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy and wise. Might sound pretty basic and cliched, but has an astounding amount of truth to it. Get up earlier than you normally do. Those extra hours in the morning can help you schedule your day, get some exercising and meditation done and make you active. Having a morning routine is very much essential. You start your day on a positive note and the vibes last the whole day long.


  • Throw Away That Phone!

    Well not exactly. This is how my mother reacts when am glued to my phone in the mornings and rightly so. It is very much essential that you stick to a routine wherein you prioritize the activity of ‘not touching your phone, laptop, tablet, etc.’ Let’s be honest here, wishing everyone a good morning on WhatsApp at 630 in the morning isn’t really productive or it isn’t something that you look forward to doing. Instead of getting distracted by the electronics focus on doing something constructive and concrete.

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  • Get Moving!

    Irrespective of what work you do, it is imperative that you devote a set amount of time towards exercising. There are multiple benefits to exercising in the morning. Not much time is required to be devoted. Anywhere between 35 minutes to 90 minutes can get the job done. Exercising in the mornings burns your fats accumulated throughout the night and helps you lose weight and hence, you stay fit. The majority of the working population have desk jobs and getting a move on early in the morning hence becomes essential. Any sort of exercise ranging from walking, running to yoga etc. is good enough.


  • Meditate!

    Unsurprisingly there has been a tremendous rise in the number of people who practice meditation throughout the world. The benefits of meditation and deep breathing is well known and scientifically documented as well. Meditating and deep breathing for at least 25 minutes on a regular basis can show positive results in your health and productivity. There are various breathing exercises targeted towards different organs and parts of the body, collectively practising which will ensure the overall well-being of your physical and mental being.

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  • Eat Breakfast

    I cannot state in words just how important it is to eat breakfast in the mornings. Many people skip breakfast and it affects the body adversely. Since the last time the body consumed food was at least 9-10 hours ago, it requires the energy to keep you going throughout the day. Hence eating a healthy home-cooked breakfast is imperative. It is recommended that you eat fibrous foods like oats or protein rich foods like eggs, etc. which will help you not only by providing essential nutrients but will also help your stomach feel full for a longer period of time.

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While this list is not definitive or exhaustive, it gives you some sort of idea about how to get that morning routine going. Of course, depending upon your occupation and certain other factors, certain ideas may not be suitable but these ideas can give you a direction which will help you be more successful and productive.

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