No Makeup look: New trend among women

Women are known for beautiful looks and makeup that makes them more attractive and desirable. Since a very long time, women have worn different items to enhance their looks.

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Women are known for beautiful looks and makeup that makes them more attractive and desirable. Since a very long time, women have worn different items to enhance their looks. These items generally included jewellery, makeup like lipstick and much more. But, now celebrities are challenging the long-followed tradition by embracing the non-makeup look.  But, why this trend is growing the modern day’s women?

Women have been using different cosmetic products which tend to enhance certain features and hid others. If we analyse from the evolutionary process, then qualities like sexuality, health are considered as the signal for reproductive fitness. The makes-ups that give women, red lips, captivating eyes, a bit of blush all increases the attractiveness from both biological and cultural standpoint.

Even studies have shown that makeup can significantly alter the impression of any women. Women wearing makeup are considered as more advanced, beautiful, high-class, more educated, better in behaviour, confident. The studies also concluded that women wearing makeup appear to have greater earning potential and with more prestigious jobs.



The common belief regarding makeup

These points clearly are strong incentives for women to wear makeup in the workplace. Makeup not only increases perceived attractiveness but also increases the women’s confidence. It is also proven that outward appearance has a powerful influence on self-esteem. According to the research conducted by Dove Self-esteem Fund in 2008, girls find it difficult to feel good when they don’t feel good about how they look.”  And this fact is true that many women don’t feel confident when they are wearing any makeup. But, there is no scientific proof that makeup increases the confidence level in women. Women who reported to wear makeup less frequently tend to have higher social confidence, self-esteem, and emotional stability.

Also, women who are more concerned about their appearance wore more makeup and were more motivated to the belief that makeup enhanced their social interactions. This could be the reason for a self-fulfilling prophecy. Women who are conscious about wearing more makeup might act more confidently and the people they interact with might respond to that confidence in a more positive way. This fact can also be concluded from the fact that women are more likely to strike a deal than their corresponding counterpart.



The no makeup look

The no makeup look is adopted by women who are comfortable with themselves and their appearance. The new trend sends the message that women are desired to be seen more authentically. They want to be respected in the society in the way they look rather than hiding behind some camouflage.

If you are hesitant about this new no makeup look and afraid to go on date without any makeup. In this case, you should try not wearing any makeup as a part of your regular routine and look in the mirror for some time with no goal than to stay present with yourself.

So, get out there and show the world that you don’t need any hiding to become successful. This does not mean that you should stop wearing makeup at all. It just means that try not to wear makeup on your daily routine. It is always said that it’s not important what lies on outside rather what is inside.

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