Never ask your partner to do these things

You know that how much you love your partner. Just give some space and freedom to make more comfortable.

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Never ask your partner to do these things

A relationship is based on trust and love between two partners. The love between two people is solely depends on trust. However, sometime due to influence of friends or family, you said something to your partner. To find a chat partner is not a big deal. Perhaps, there are many sites which able to find you out number of partner. While, the tough challenge is to find an act of true love. No doubt you love your partner, but equality and space is the thing which another demand. Being protective for your partner is not bad. Above all your love, the partner needs its own space and freedom. You can’t expect from him/her for restriction. Henceforth, there are some things which you should never say to your partner.

  1. Bringing change out


Most noteworthy about a love companion is that he accepts you, who you are in reality. Therefore, some time you need some changes in her. When you hangout you expect from her to look beautiful. Really? You love for show off and expect that she dress up according to your choice. Perhaps, never ask your partner to change her attitude or behaviour.


  1. Spend less time with family and friends


However, he is also having his own friends and family. He spent every minute talking to you. Perhaps, you can’t force him not to meet his family. Give him his own space so that he can spent leisure time with his dear ones.


  1. Change your career track


There are two worlds of one individual, one work space and other relationship. There might be profession, which you don’t want that your partner should pursue it. Because for your suitability you can’t ask her, to change her ambition or passion.


  1. Don’t lock your phone


Due to trust issues, many partners hide their passwords. In relationship there is no space of doubt. Above all, you should tell everything what happened in your office. Finally, when you reveal your secrets to her, she will start loving you more.


  1. Taking side

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During marriage it becomes difficult for man to manage wife and mother. Probably, you can take site of both or just one. Showing affection and love makes your other half crazy for you.


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