More than travelling, be a free soul

Are you sometimes so tired of managing its daily stresses that you find yourself wanting to move your entire existence, travel somewhere else, and start your life again?


Do you ever long to take a break from your life? Are you sometimes so tired of managing its daily stresses that you find yourself wanting to move your entire existence, travel somewhere else, and start your life again? Do certain relationships sometimes cause you such distress that you fantasise about running away from them and never coming back?

Would that running away permanently be a viable solution? Unfortunately, no life we would be able to create for ourselves at other distant locations which would be free of stress, and there is nowhere we can escape. Far better to stay where we are, fight the devils we know, and focus on forging a more resilient self out of the ingredients of our stressful experiences. The idea of travelling for attaining escapism is void as a travel break can only avail you with perspectives, agility, re-connection with yourself and your dreams, reconnect with people important to you but not salvation. The only good thing over here is, after travelling you return to work revitalised and with new enthusiasm and creativity. No one wants to be stale and stressed, and no one does their best in that state. A Reboot Break is a way to avoid that.



People these days take pride in the fact that things cannot function without them at the workplace, not realizing, that such a thing only proves their self-centered nature and their obsession for control. People are obsessed to a level where they compulsively and unconsciously unlock and lock their phones over million times in a day with nothing to do on them, most of the times. We still unlock the screen, look the screen for a few seconds and lock it back again before inserting it back in our pockets. Switch that damn thing off or activate the airplane mode on it and look around you. The world is beautiful.

Pack a few clothes and some basic essentials and set out on a trip (with minimum people or even alone). Leave all the burdens and baggage of life behind and be yourself and do whatever you have the instinct of doing.


Discovering places

Traveling to discover a new place will surely be a refreshing change and break from the routine life. Meeting new people, making new friends, exploring a new city, cuisine, lifestyle is always interesting and on top of it, if you have your best buddy along the tour, happiness is guaranteed to be doubled.



Relationships, finances, the past time lived, the unseen future and many more things can strike the notes of agony and pity for a person. You are living in a world which is constantly flourishing in terms of tech and digital aids to support the human survival sans the excess use of social media for fake friends and liking.

Go around the world, cherish the stay in the place which is on your bucket list. Explore the mighty tall mountains of this planet. Gather the courage to look down the cliff and feel the breathlessness. Visit the wonderful monuments made by the human skill and architect. Learn the cultures and values. And come back home.

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