Magenta opens Navi Mumbai’s first public EV charging station.

Magenta, a Mumbai-based EV solutions provider, announced the opening of the country’s largest public EV charging station in Navi Mumbai on Tuesday, as part of a commitment to supply 4,000 charging stations by March of next year.
By the March quarter of this fiscal year, Magenta said, the firm, which provides end-to-end hardware, software, installation, operations, and maintenance of electric car charging solutions, expects to expand its reach to global markets.
The company had recently completed its Series-A funding round. According to the company, a Rs 120 crore investment from American philanthropist Kiran Patel will be used to create a charger development and manufacturing facility for India and exports. The research and production of AC chargers, as well as street lanes, will be handled by this integrated charging, development, and manufacturing organisation.
Magenta will be able to become an end-to-end ‘Socket to Software’ solution provider for EV charging as a result of the integrated charging, development, and manufacturing, according to the company. “We have a total outlay of 4,000 chargers to be installed this year, and close to Rs 55 crore capex has been planned for this,” Maxson Lewis, Magenta Group’s Co-founder and Managing Director, stated.
According to Magenta, the establishment of this public EV charging station in Mumbai would boost the government’s aim to build 400,000 charging stations to meet the demand for two million electric vehicles that may potentially be on the roads across the country by 2026.
In terms of electric vehicle development, Maharashtra has been at the forefront. We plan to put at least 1,46,000 new battery-operated electric cars (BEVs) on state roads by 2025, accounting for nearly 10% of all new vehicle registrations at that time, according to our draught Electric Vehicle (EV) Policy 2021. We help local start-ups like Magenta in their efforts to increase EV adoption in the state and nationwide.

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