Kill sugar before it kills your physique

Don’t intake sugar in exceed term. Be slim and trim , wear your favorite wardrobe.

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To control our cravings for sugar and its aromatic taste is impossible. Sugar is the fundamental component in every dish. However, research claim that eating sugar can lead you to heartache and often aging problem. Moreover, it increases calorie intake in your body. Effects of sugar is well familiarized with you. Adding to it your addiction, you are more addicted to sugar. Besides adding flavor sugar simply just add on fat to your bodies. To get slim and wear cool dresses, you need to intake less sugar. To get in track of your consumption of eating sweets, you need to calculate and make a chart. Here are some tips through which you can control your cravings.


  1. Chose wisely your deserts

Kill sugar before it kills your physique

Desserts are the favorite dishes for many of us. However, cravings can indulge you in more fat body. Perhaps, you can do is to take seasonal desserts in your meal. During Christmas you can eat your favorite pancakes. Furthermore, make sure that you don’t overeat the dishes, as it is a seasonal.


  1. Think positive

Set yourself a positive attitude and make an event in a calendar. Because when you see that one thing is constantly blinking in your phone. You will think before eating the sugar. Henceforth, words have the powerful impact on you and control your temptations.


  1. Consume other things than candies

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Holding your taste and eating vegetables instead of candies is a success. Set yourself that you are not going to eat the entire bowl of candies. While, you will took a small portion of candy and eat veggies.


  1. Just know the calorie of your cravings

Kill sugar before it kills your physique

Hungry in midnight or when you are stressed don’t go for ice cream. Yeah, it’s human nature that your stress buster is a chocolate or cupcake. Furthermore, you can drink lemonade and hydrate your body. This will definitely help you not to intake candies.


       5. Stop yourself from dwelling

waffles with fruit

Over weekend, you think that you deserve a good treat. Don’t forget your agenda of not to consume pancakes. To save yourself from the effects of sugar, you need to be stronger. Afterward, make sure that you are combating with your cake.

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