India and Its Indian Flavours

India is considered to be one of those countries in which every state has its each category which is divided into different and unique spices and tastes enrol.


Indian is not only famous for its culture or festivals but is also famous for the variety of different food it offers.

Perhaps the most obvious positive effect of food is the pleasurable feeling you get from eating a good tasting meal. India’s culture and the region that follows is beautifully reflected in its food items and may be is possibly the main reason why Indian food is distinct from the other countries. India is considered to be one of those states in which every state has its each category which is divided into different and unique spices and tastes enrol. If you are aware of Indian food that it does contain distinct characteristics or a variety of different sections you can say a typical full desi style, generous uses of spices like dal chili, cloves, ajwain, star anise and more make the taste of the food unique from that of other countries.

You must have travelled a lot and surely might have come across a lot of different kinds of cuisines, but when you try to find your comfort zone that when to realise that eating Indian food is a treat you have.

Following are the food items which will definitely make your mouth water:

  • Idli and Sambhar 

    Idli is a wonderful steamed rice pancake with numerous health benefits which has made its way through many generations. Idli is fluffy and light which can be eaten as breakfast, snacks or dinner which is accompanied by coconut chutney and hot steaming sambhar.

Source: thebetterindia.


  • Sali Boti 

    Succulent Mutton Chunks are cooked in onions, jaggery, tomatoes, and vinegar. It seeks of bold flavors like ginger and turmeric and is served with hot fried potato snacks. It is also stated as an ideal example of the Parsi’s mix of sweet and hot.

Surce: Liquorish


  • Dhokla 

    It is steamed cake made with channa dal and gram flour and also is one of the best things to come out in Gujarat.

Source: wikimedia


  • Hyderabadi Biryani 

    It’s just a right thing for those who prefer spice, as it has its rice with spice which is interspersed with warm pieces of meat and chicken and is layered with fried mint and onions and is served with cold raita and the interesting part is that it is cooked in ‘dum style’.

Source: ndtv


  • Kakori Kabab 

    It is a Nawabi recipe from Lucknow which has been there for many generations. It is made up of finest meat and a few spices.

Source: ruchiskitchen


  • Chicken Stew and Appam 

    This dish has chunks of chicken covered with dreamy coconut gravy with soft centered appams and beautiful spices.

Source: foodcinemas


  • Rogan Josh 

    Known as the signature Kashmir cuisine which was initially introduced by the Mughals. It is cooked along with the brown onions, yogurt, and spices- red chili is used liberally in the dish to bring the red color to the curry.

Source: sndimg


  • Butter Chicken 

    Butter Chicken is a dish which is considered to be the pride of Punjabi food which is also quite evident by the dish is made and presented. It is made by marinating chunk of chicken overnight in yogurt and is mixed with spices and is then served with a spoon of melting cream and butter on the top.

Sorce: ytimg


  • Bhappa Aloo 

    This dish gets along the Bengali flavor. It is a simple dish but yet is satisfying. Made with modest potato which is tossed in local flavors of punch phoron, mustard oil, and coconut paste.

Source: asianjournal


  • Banjari Gosht 

    You get to experience real Rajasthani flavors with a blend of juicy mutton pieces and yogurt.

Source: mybindi.typepad


Culture, when it comes to food, makes your travelling even more pleasant. People who love to eat always and is fond of tasty food items then keep your diary and make a food list for all the delicious item you want to eat and try them all.

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