Chester – In The End, Does It Matter?

Many artists of various jobs have given up their life and the official reason cited has been typically drug overdose, alcohol abuse, etc.


Chester Bennington, the lead singer of American band Linkin Park has passed away this morning. The police have said it was a case of suicide. The man was 41 years old and left 6 children behind him.

A Classic Tale

His life had become a classic case of the typical celebrity whose life was riddled with problems since the inception of life only to affect the rest in its entirety. Many artists of various jobs have given up their life and the official reason cited has been typically drug overdose, alcohol abuse, etc. Chris Cornell, the lead singer of Audioslave who passed away recently due to drug overdose, incidentally was born on July 20. Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington were mates and the latter even wrote a deeply worded letter on the day of Chris’ passing.

The life of Chester was filled with problems and abuses. His parents divorced when he was about 9. Around this time, he was sexually abused and Chester, due to lack of support and confidence, chose the help of alcohol and drugs to get back his confidence. He had been battling depression for a long time and was pretty vocal about it.

Many people of this generation remember Linkin Park as the band that was the stepping stone to the amazing world of music that lied outside of Bollywood and Hindi songs. Songs like Numb, What I’ve Done, Crawling, etc became the cult hits and the lyrics were on every fan’s lips. For me personally, Linkin Park helped me explore the music that was out there and its blend of rap, rock and electronica was so enchanting and groovy that I couldn’t stop listening or exploring what more was out there. On the musical front, Chester has done more than his share and has earned the respect of millions of fans and peers.


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Depression is a  disease

Coming to the cause of death, it has become so easy to ridicule what exactly depression can do to a man. Looking online there have been some hideous and vile comments regarding Chester’s choices and his decision to end his life. He leaves behind 6 children and in a Utopian world, it would have been criminal to leave those children fatherless. But it isn’t so. Depression has known to wreak havoc on a person’s mentality and behaviour. The silence caused by depression itself is underrated and the silence is probably why depression as a disease is overlooked. Many have given up their lives citing depression and still, it remains a taboo. The psychological problems cause due to tragic and horrific early events in life and later too have known to cause depression. No matter how rich a person is, there are some things that money simply cannot solve.

Clinical depression is a serious issue and is not to be ridiculed. If you know any person to be suffering from depression or any similar issue, do lend a helping hand and limit the judgements. Support is all that a depressed person craves and support is the only beacon of light which will guide them out of depression.


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Rest In Peace Chester, may your cries not go in vain.

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