How to behave when you are flying in first class?

Hold a attitude of flying high in first class. Wear something classy to make impression long lasting image in other’s eyes.

first class

Flying in economy class is a matter of dignity. Your custom, behavior and attire speak your personality. When you board a flight you always wonder about the people you are going to meet. Moreover, travelling in first class is a comfortable thing. You can simply relax on the couch like seat and can order anything from the menu. On the contrary economy class is congested and suffocating. Perhaps, people keep babbling and nonsensical talks. Rather, book a flight in a business class and enjoy leisure time. Almost you can talk to anyone but it should be intellectual talk. People seating in business class is an elegant group of businessman and CEO’s. If you are introvert type you can simply make out your way. Here are some tips which will help you perform correct behaviour in first-class.


  • Take advantage of a business class

Being mediocre you can talk about the latest business deals. Moreover, grab the copy of business news magazine. Pretend like that you are well-versed in the field of shares. Wear a branded suit with Rolex watch and behave in a gentleman way. Try to contact your opposite person and ask his interests and hobbies.


  • Offer your drinks and meals

You are hungry and want to eat good food. Make sure that you offer your drinks to others and ask for their bill. Likewise you will be applauded for your behavior and your treat will make new friends in business class. Consequently, it can help you in getting placed at a reputed company.


  • Make sure you know when to complain

Settling in first class is an amazing thing. Perhaps, you should also know how to behave in first class with other. Sometime airline doesn’t offer good facilities like seating chair. They are broken most of the times and food taste is worst. Know your status and make complain accordingly. Talk to attendee in a polite manner.


  • Wardrobe factor

Watching Netflix in shorts and t-shirt is fine. Even more if you are travelling in economy class and wear anything is not an act of bothering. But when you are travelling in first-class, make sure you wear good clothes. Might you meet the Shakira or Miley their seating next to you.

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