Common communication mistakes which couples often make

You must have heard one line that communication is the most important thing in a relationship

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You must have heard one line that communication is the most important thing in a relationship. Well, it true. But, communication does not mean talking to your partner on a regular interval. It also means the way you can talk to your partner, the way you can share your feelings with each other.

Even after every couple knows this fact, they often commit some common mistake which leads to breaking up. So, let’s see some of these mistakes that you could avoid

  1. Try to paraphrase

When you are replying to something your partner has said, you should avoid using nods, ahas, and yeahs. Try to use paraphrasing. For example, if her mood is off because of something which happened at the office then you should tell,” Ok, your mood is off because you did not credit for what you did.” This type of communicating immediately make you a better listener. It also makes your partner feel like they are getting real attention and empathy.

Common communication mistakes which couples often make

  1. lead by an example

You should try to lead an example. When you change your own habits for the better, your partner will pick up on it. This is the most effective way to encourage your partner for change.

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  1. Appreciate your partner

You should try to appreciate your partner even on their small success as it might feel small for you but for them, it might mean something special. This generates a warm and loving atmosphere as a backdrop to your relationship. Even small appreciation like you are looking great today, you have nailed the job, will do great.

  1. Try to Listen

You might be wondering that why this is the common mistake. It’s because listening means understanding the word that your partner wants to say but cannot. We often try to get past what others are saying and start telling our story. So, you should take a pause after your partner has finished. Look into their face, and take in what they’re trying to say.  Try to think what she or he meant by that.Common communication mistakes which couples often make

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Communication with your partner requires self-awareness and a clarity of mind. It’s hard fact that improper communication can lead to an imperfect relationship.  It’s OK to make mistakes, just be sure to acknowledge them and try to do better each time. It’s not an easy process, but the results will be hugely rewarding.

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