An experience is much costlier than time and money

Travel, as I would see it, is the outcome of an eager personality, a resultant of a body tired of realising what’s in store.


Given the choice between more time or more money, which would you pick? For a beach vacation, you might pay more for a direct flight to gain a couple of extra hours of getting sand between your toes. The value of the money is easy to quantify in one way, but it is harder to put an incentive on the measure of time that could be lost or picked up.

Travelling resembles reviving the inert innocent Inquisition that dwells where it counts in the pits of our psyches, covered up under the cloak of our regular deliberations, empowering us to overlook the authoritative of time yet raring to gain experiences out of it. Travel, as I would see it, is the outcome of an eager personality, a resultant of a body tired of realising what’s in store. Tragically, the greater part of the above passionate earnings requires wealth to materialise as nothing in this world comes for free.




Let me give you an example, travelling abroad can be an exciting adventure, travelling abroad can be an energising experience, however, it requires significantly more planning than your regular domestic excursions. In case you’re anticipating travelling abroad, you’ll need to think about the way of life, climate, and cash before you achieve the air terminal. Also, you’ll need to plan from a monetary point of view in more routes than just considering the time.

We as a whole love feeling captivated however when the biological community that one dwells in, achieves a state of unimportance, a metaphorical obscure, a dull murmur from that grating clamour that stones one off one’s bed each morning, travel beckons. Travelling is not to be thought in a way that it is a waste of time or money. Expenses can stand varied, depending upon the incurrences that one does. Neither money nor time can discount upon travelling, as it is a way towards gaining wisdom about the world. Travelling rejuvenate one’s life with a lot of energy and new trip ideas which can become more memorable with affordable packages offered by the travelling agents and companies at one’s convenient time.




A traveller can be identified by what he does, occupationally & otherwise. People travel for business, travel for pleasure, travel to inspire themselves to write, travel for love, eventually travel to learn but eventually all these are being fuelled by none other than his own money. It is the pursuit of a million ideas and the realisation of one. Travel unravels the beauties and the beasts of a world unfamiliar. It is the quest for a million thoughts and the acknowledgement of one. Travel disentangles the delights and the brutes of a new world. It’s a vivid experience with a range of hues, a large group of potential outcomes and one consequence, flitting euphoria. Now this inclination is difficult to exemplify in the game of tug o-war amongst time and money, so I will turn to a universe of excellence and beauty and symbolism to make my point.

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