Amazing Amsterdam – Bikes, Van Gogh, Graffiti

Why you will love Amsterdam? Sometimes you arrive somewhere and just think ‘yep this is the place for me’, well this was exactly how I felt in Amsterdam.


The Netherlands overflows with beauty and culture, from its beautiful windmills and wondrous fields of tulips to its hip, craftsmanship driven capital city of Amsterdam. The most populated locale of the Netherlands, noteworthy Amsterdam is prestigious for its curious lanes and grand waterways.

I amsterdam

i am amsterdam
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Amsterdam Museums

Take in Amsterdam’s rich convention of craftsmanship by visiting famous exhibition halls, for example, the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum; visits offer skirt the-line access to these well known sights.


The Canal

The Anne Frank House is another must-see, pulling in guests from around the world. A mobile visit—or in the event that you need to resemble the Dutch, a bicycle visit—is an extraordinary approach to get into the way of life.


The Biking

For somewhat sentiment, appreciate a candlelit journey during the evening with Dutch wine and cheddar, and watch the city shimmer. Set aside a few minutes to visit the event Red Light District’s bars and coffeeshops, and test bitterballen (singed meatballs) and exemplary salted herring, alongside a portion of the nation’s famous lagers.


The Anne Frank House

Take a day trek or two to the Dutch wide open to respect Zaanse Schans, with its notable windmills and stops up; or customary towns, for example, Volendam and Marken.


Keukenhof Gardens offers the pièce de résistance: a burst of hues from its immense range of blossoms and a large number of tulips. All things considered, Amsterdam’s uniqueness makes it an unparalleled goal in Europe.

Amsterdam Graffiti

From Amsterdam waterways to world-acclaimed Amsterdam exhibition halls and recorded Amsterdam sights, it is a standout amongst the most sentimental and excellent urban areas in Europe. Trench travels are a prevalent approach to see the city from the point of view of its channels.

Amsterdam graffiti

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