How to add a mystical vibe to your room

Here are the few tips to increase the overall vibe of your room




Being reflective, mirrors add more enclosure and involvement to the space. They not only look elegant but also add a certain vibe. If you want a more specific mirror, get its frame transformed. Add natural things and chains to the frame of your mirror. Mirrors can be placed in many arrangements to look the most flattering but to add a mystical vibe, make the mirrors look more naturally placed. Place them in areas where they don’t look too evident, almost like someone would spot them suddenly.




Dream catchers have many stories around them. One of then says that the net of a dream catchers helps to filter out all the bad dreams. The good ones fall upon you through the feathers. Dream catchers look immensely mystical. But you have to purchase them wisely. Though the ideal thing would be to make one for yourself, you can purchase them online as well. Don’t include very bright colours. Anything that resembles nature and forests (twigs, feathers, beads, shells) will look perfect. Place two or three dream catchers, of different sizes. Hand them close to each to each other for maximum effect.




Reed diffusers do not produce smoke and give out a subtle fragrance. Purchase some which have an earthy scent. The fragrance must never seem too strong, only slightly intoxicating. You can also add some background music of some far off culture that attracts you. And dim the lights slightly. You can also use some scented candles.



Bohemian paintings or images with some mythical symbols add a very distant and eerie vibe. It may be a little difficult to find such artworks but with some effort, you will be able to! Add a few pictures to your walls. You can add some lighting around them to make the figures pop!

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