Actually every women can get over judgement

Advice is given by everyone but no one will actually help you out from that situation.

Life is unpredictable, isn’t it? loving someone and waiting for them to come in your life is just not that easy as it seems to be. Advice is given by everyone but no one will actually help you out from that situation. Problems are there in everyone’s life but If God gives us problems he also gives us the power to solve those problems but it depends on us how we handle certain situations.


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Girls like me

Some girls like me don’t like wearing accessories like why even girls wear it? I mean it’s quite annoying and irritating like how can someone even wear accessories whole day? And then comes dresses and heels like why are they even sold? C’mon why cannot every girl remain simple and why does everyone have to do makeup just to impress boys why? If someone will love you ever they won’t really go on the outer beauty but instead, would love your soul. Makeup, fashion won’t really help you. At every stage in life, you will find people judging you whether on the basis of race, caste, religion, sex, colour, the appearance they will judge you in the way you dress up. If you wear short dresses they will judge you if you wear jeans and top they will again judge you society is meant to be like that. People say being a girl is an easy task and girls have to just maintain it. Do you even know what girls have to face? Can you even imagine the life of a girl who belongs to a middle-class family? Can you even imagine the life of a girl who is not that beautiful but is rich, who is not rich but is beautiful or I say who not rich and also not beautiful? People here don’t really go on the inner beauty but judge each and every girl on the outer basis. Why? Is it because that girl is not what you expect her to be? or her standards are low and your reputation will spoil if you be with her?


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Don’t judge a book by its cover

Everyone including your friends and boyfriends would judge you because you are that kind of a material. They think you are dependent on them and that you don’t have your own life to live. I am not saying every girl is right at their point but not every girl is wrong at their point even. People judge women every time for wearing short dresses, for wearing jeans and top and etc and if they don’t work according to you they are prostitutes. I mean why? Is that so easy for you all to judge a person according to the way she dresses? She speaks? On the basis of her appearance? On the basis of her skin colour?

Girls, are not toys or robots that will work according to you. You will definitely learn the importance of women once they are gone from your life, you will then clearly understand their motive of being here with you because without women this world is incomplete. Learn to respect them like you want to receive because one they show you who are they then I don’t think you will be even able to sort your life out.

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