6 things to throw away right now – decluttering your life

Make your home-sweet-home clean and neat. Throw off the things which are not required in your home.

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6 things to throw away right now

There are some things that are not required. Perhaps, it’s human nature that you never throw the things. You believe that they will be going to be useful in life. Probably, sometime they are useful but most of the time, they are scrap. Sadly! They occupy more space in your wardrobe. You can make many products from them. Sometime even you can sell them and earn some bucks. These things just keep adding shit to your home. Likewise, you need to select those things which can be recycled or reused. Store such items in a store room. Here are some things which you can throw it off right now.

  1. Broken electronics

Electronic items are expensive and need care for long run purpose. Perhaps, always throw off the electronic items which are not usable. Even a short circuit can happen during bad wiring. Throw it off as soon as possible.

  1. Boxes and packaging

There are too many boxes in your home. However, you are not throwing off, and just keeping it. Keep in mind that boxes create dust in the home. Definitely, it can spoil your interior of the home.

  1. Dried flowers

Your boyfriend has given you those flowers.  It’s hard to fling them. When flowers are dried, the smell will irritate you. You won’t be able to focus on your work.

  1. Broken kitchen equipment

Kitchen is a place of food and veggies. However, when you store your items without air-tight container. Your food will fall for fungal infection. Buying kitchen items will create a burden on your monthly budget


  1. Bills and documents

Keeping old bills and document for the sake of proof. Indeed, you are in mess and creating chaos in your life. On the contrary you can choose for e-bills and save the paper.

  1. Old-fashionable clothes

You can donate those clothes to orphans. Surely, in college life you are not going to wear the old clothes.

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