common cold

Smearing Vicks all over!

The first thing we reach out for when we fall sick from the cold is Vicks! Hence it is the first thing that happens when you get a cold! Frankly, its fragrance is quite addictive. But if you have a completely blocked nose, even this won’t work. Not to mention, the way it sticks to the skin makes you icky! And god forbid if you apply this over your nose and end up sticking a finger into the nostril. This thing could start a fire in there.

Trying the ginger remedy

Ginger! Ginger! Good old ginger! This remedy never gets old. When I get a cold, ginger is my buddy! I will mix it with honey and lemon and garlic and some sunshine if possible. But ginger is a must. It is actually very effective in reducing inflammation and clearing up the blocked nasal passage. It also relieves headaches and soothes the irritation in the throat. Grandma is always right!

The horror of looking down

This issue is real! Because you know that the moment you look down, you nose will let out a waterfall. This gets worse once you actually start recovering because your nose is finally getting clear and the mucous is loosening but when it begins to run out and embarrass you, that’s when you want to rip your nose off!

Napkin rashes

The constant wiping of the runny nose makes it red and when the bruised area burns! O god!

The satisfaction after sneezing

Sneezes feel so good! You feel like you have literally thrown the enemy out of your lungs. It is satisfying to sneeze multiple times because now you know that your nose is functioning again. And you can inhale and exhale normally through the nose instead of breathing through the mouth!

Not being able to taste anything.

One thing cold does to you is render your taste buds useless. You cannot taste salty, sour, bitter or sweet. Typically this happens because our sense of smell is shut. But really, it is quite frustrating

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