5 things to know when renewing passport

Plan your vacation wisely and renew your passport, while carefully fill the form of application.

Passport is a inherit document required for travelling.  things to know when renewing passport .To renew it there are so many documents required like photograph and residence proof. Moreover once you gather the information, you are required to take appointment from the authorities. However, it is a complicated process including much government work. Before going to vacation make sure your passport is renewed. Even more passport is not a piece of paper, it’s your identity in a new country. Probably, many cases are registered with Airport authorities regarding passport. Due to excitement, many people forget to renew their passport services. While checking in airport they come to know about such things. Here are 5 things to know regarding how to renew your passport things to know when renewing passport.


  1. Expensive thing


Renewing a passport is an expensive thing. In USA $135 is the cost of passport book, while other dues include visa charges. However, if you are returning from Canada, Mexico, Bermuda to USA, it will cost you around $30. Fill your details carefully and fly down to your vacation.


  1. It can take around 2 months


It’s never to be late to get your passport renewed. Before flying down to any destination, make sure your passport is ready. Moreover, last year when you were planning to fly down to meet your parents. Perhaps, you forgot that your fundamental document is not renewed. Just be sure with your passport while booking holiday.


  1. Check your eligibility for renew by mail


You can renew your mail if following things are not applying to you.

  • Your passport is damaged.
  • Your passport was issued before the age of 16.
  • Your passport was issued over 15 years.
  • Your name is changed


  1. Renewing process is same as of beginning


Due to rush in immigration office, everything is done automatically. Make sure that you fill up your form carefully. The process is same as of filling for the fresh document.


  1. Strict adherence to photo requirement


Above all for the photo of passport, you can’t submit your selfie. With strict adherence to passport size, you have to be careful with the size and pixels. The background must be plain, hats, and specs are not allowed.

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