5 reasons why you wake up exhausted

Feel exhausted in a day time, just sleep early. Avoid caffeine and add passion to your life.

Morning is the blissful time in a day. In morning your entire schedule is determined. You decide your aim and goals for life. However, always smile in morning and pay gratitude to  the universe. Believe something good is going to happen. Probably, due to anxiety and depression your night is depressed. Consequently, it leads to insomnia and anger. Good sleep is a sign that you are not exhausted. To start a new day you must not be tired. Feel the freshness of the day and let the things go off in the air. Waking up exhausted in morning symbolizes that you are not happy enough. You are born to do wonderful things. Insomnia will lead to stress and hallucinations. Always be tried to be blissful and believe in yourself. Avoid these things which make you exhausted when you wake up.


  • Intake of caffeine

Caffeine can be dangerous to your drink, when you are working regularly. Intake of caffeine can be disastrous to your health. According to researchers, caffeine can harm your immune system too. Moreover, it simply deprives your sleeping habits. Never take too much caffeine when not required.


  • Went to bed when stressed

Stress and anxiety are the bad symptoms of bad health. Perhaps, when you are stressed you can’t sleep. Things will keep revolving in unconscious mind. Furthermore, it will start coming into your dreams. Dreams are the gateway for passion. When you are passionate enough, it enhances your career and growth. So never went to bed when you are stressed. Live happpily and stay happy.


  • More snoozing of alarm

When you put an alarm to wake you up for morning. You close it, by switching off your phone. Likewise, never be too harsh on yourself. Sleep one day and release your tensions. Snoozing of alarm will add to your desire to sleep more. Instead make a schedule that you are going to wake early.


  • No fresh air in the room

Windows and good ventilation should be there in your rooms. When sun rays enter into your room, you feel good and positive. Probably, your day will be made out, when positive vibes will enter into your room. You will never feel exhausted while waking up.


  • Waking up till midnight


Waking up for studies or work till midnight is not a good idea. Therefore, make a habit of studying in morning. It is one of the bad thing that in a day time, you are yawing. Eat good and sleep on time.

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