environmental factors of cancer

Dangers of cancer are asbestos, sunlight, and tobacco .


environmental factors of cancer Many risk factors for cancer are widely known. You are probably already aware of the dangers of asbestos,

environmental factors of cancer sunlight, and tobacco. But a couple of the following on this list might surprise you, if only at how common they are.

Environmental factors of cancer

Don’t Paint it, Black,

Over-cooking your food may not seem like such a big deal, but it can actually be something that can aggravate certain types of cancer. Aside from destroying many of the important nutrients by cooking food for too long, studies show that high-temperature cooking can lead to cancers such as the colo-rectal variety. If it’s safety you’re worried about, try buying higher quality, organic and/or farm-grown foods – this should help you avoid having to over-cook.Nutrition During Cancer Treatment

Use the Glass Containers

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Well, the glass everything, really. A number of studies have shown quite conclusively that even at low levels, Bisphenol A environmental factors of cancer (aka BPA, found in common plastics) can cause DNA damage and the development of precancerous lesions in the prostate glands of rats. Try to not even store your food or drinks in plastic, let alone buy them that way. Just imagine that no plastic, at any time, should go anywhere near your food.


Color Yourself Natural

There isn’t conclusive proof yet, but it’s been said to be ‘probable’ that certain hair dyes, chemicals and pigments are carcinogenic. Erring on the side of caution, ask your hairdresser what they are using, and try to opt for the more natural choices when available. And better yet, allow yourself to go natural a few months of the year if you can – you just might start a trend!


Do Drink the Kool-Aid

Studies show that drinking more than one alcoholic drink per day increases your risk of developing breast cancer or liver cancer.

environmental factors of cancer In fact, heavy drinkers (three or more drinks per day) have more than five times the chance of developing liver cancer than do light drinkers (up to one drink per day). So cut back, or get help – there’s no shame in avoiding the ‘The Big C’.

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alcohol- cancer

Shift into Neutral

Studies are now showing that those who work shift work, e.g. flight attendants and nurses, are at higher risk for developing cancer. The reason? Sleeping during the times you should really be awake affects your circadian rhythm, which in humans governs the appropriate release of hormones and also governs the control of temperature in our bodies.

Part 1/2 Today is one of the most important days for me. 1 year ago my life changed, i found what i wanted to do for the rest of my life and woke up determinate to make this new desire, a reality. In the morning of May 9th 2016, Moments of Hope stared. I never thought that this year could bring so many amazing and emotional experiences into my life. As a 16 year old girl, i want to leave my footprint in this world, but i never imagined how far my projects could go. The first weeks in this account were so hard! Seeing daily the reality of childhood cancer its something so heartbreaking that i just wished that it wasnt real. But here is the truth… Its real, and it will continue being a reality unless we make people care enough. I took a lot of deep breaths during that time, giving up wasnt an option, but i had to find a way to make my heart stronger. Making a kid smile, is the best give you could ever ask for, that is my strenght. Trying to rise up a kid could be something easy for a normal family, but when you have a child with cancer, it gets harder. No matter this, when you look at them, you will see them fighting with a smile. Its being amazing to learn so many things this year, to meet a lot of families and being able to do something for this kids. Having this account is one of the best experiences that i ever had. It teached me that no one fights alone and you will always have someone by your side, on each step. It teached me to love deeper and to enjoy every moment. But specially, it made my realize that you dont have to be famous or rich to help someone. Thanks to all of you who daily send your love and prayers for this families, thanks for letting them know that they are not alone. They have an army behind and im glad you are part of it! Thanks to all the sponsors, because its with your help that we are able to give a little ‘moment of hope’ to this kids. And finally, Thanks to all the Cancer Families for giving me your love, for letting me honor and support your amazing warriors. I love each of you with all my heart and hope to meet you all personally one day! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of this dream LOVE YOU ALL

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Disrupt this natural cycle and you run the risk of damaging important genes, which in turn leads to the development of certain types of cancer, although scientists are still not sure how. Stuck in the cycle?

Ask to be transferred to day shift only, or at the very least, bide your time until you find a job that can give you the hours you need. And give acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine a try – it can help create the balance that your body will desperately need.

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