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Art of Being Happy


happy- We all have different definitions of being happy. But why is that people nowadays struggle to find that happiness? There is a strange restlessness that haunts most of us. Sometimes, you may not understand where it is coming from. So we try to find some comfort in temporary pleasures and distractions like social media or nonstop partying and just blocking the troubling thoughts.

What I have discovered is that problems keep coming and going. But the one thing we can keep certain and stable is our set of habits and values. This may sound like an old idea but all the other solutions are just temporary quick fixes.


This, in no way, means that you should stop taking responsibility or stop caring. But there are certain things over which we have absolutely no control. As human beings, we like to think of ourselves as the superior species. Just trying to control everything and everyone. But you have to learn to categorise things. Every problem is not your problem! Realise that. Trust people enough to let them solve their own issues.


Spontaneity is a good thing. However, people begin to confuse it with impulsivity! This is where things get messed up. We just like to react to ever petty thing which comes our way. There is no thinking, sometimes, no logic and almost always – no positive result.

Understand that there is a time for everything. Don’t jump to conclusions. Try to think, when a certain action will have the maximum impact.


Blocking our thoughts and emotions leads to a clutter in our subconscious mind. It is important to respect your feelings whether positive or negative. This may sound weird but there is a special feeling which comes with being able to get over self-created negativity after acknowledging it. If you are feeling blue, find out why. Did someone has hurt you? confront them. If you feel stuck, dump all your distractions. Don’t try to put away with what you feel.

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