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Art of Being Happy   happy- We all have different definitions of being happy. But why is that people nowadays struggle to find that happiness? There is a strange restlessness that haunts... Read more »

World Humanitarian Day: 19 August 2017 #NotATarget

Is it really that hard to love each other as if they are your own and help each other out and to teach the hungry to grow food? World Humanitarian Day (WHD) is... Read more »

Are you investing or spending your hard money?

Money- one of the most important resources of modern times. Those who have plenty of it can have anything and the one who does not have craves for more. But, do you... Read more »
Sales Skills

Sales skills: It can help to become great from good

Sales skills– If you want to make your career in the field related to sales and business, then you should have excellent command over your communication skills. Not only that you should... Read more »
Indian society judgement taboo

Oops , did I just ruin my Traditional Indian Shoe.

My India , rich with her beauty and heritage this country is considered as heaven on Earth for most countries. They are so lured by our diverse tradition , while being unaware... Read more »

BJP Astounds Everyone With Its Choice of President

The Modi-Amit duo is attempting to change the picture of BJP Ram Nath Kovind is a political masterstroke decision by BJP and the pattern of choosing a politician for the presidential designation proceeds... Read more »
yesterday tomorrow

Every new day is another chance to change your life

When opportunities turn you down. When all fights are lost. When situation does not support your strength . When your mind tell you to bow down to the reality that is the... Read more »

Difference between an extrovert and an introvert

Extrovert and introvert are the two terms that are often used to describe one’s, personality. But many times, we are not able to understand the difference between these two. The basic difference... Read more »
Meat Ban

Meat Ban is Misinterpreted as Beef Ban by Larger Youths

Restriction on beef butcher according to the Article 48 of Constitution of India was already in practice before Modi government assumed responsibility. An aggregate of 24 Indian States and Union Territories takes... Read more »
Feminism and Femininity

Feminism and Femininity

Feminism indeed begins with women wanting to rout the fixed hierarchies of patriarchy. Women asking for their rights, sex based equality and referred to as humans before women.Feminism and Femininity In the... Read more »