Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones: The great war is Here

Are you a diehard fan of Game of Thrones? Then you must be waiting for the 7th season of the fabulous TV series. Some of the fans also consider Game of Thrones... Read more »

best free unlimited vpn for android

Top VPN apps for android users– The Internet, as fascinating and interesting it may sound, can be a dangerous tool. In the recent times, a number of illegal and unethical activities have... Read more »

NVIDIA joins hand with Baidu to work on AI for autonomous cars, cloud storage, and home  

  NVIDIA is the latest company to join hands with Baidu for the self-driving car technology. Baidu has already invested a lot in the Apollo self-driving cars. The Chinese search giant aims... Read more »

Google to link AI and human more with its PAIR project

  Google has launched the new project which is known as PAIR. This project aims at improving the interaction between human and the artificial intelligence. The name PAIR also signifies that “People... Read more »
Sticky AI

Prisma launches new app called Sticky AI to turn your selfies into sticker

You must have used Prisma which is one of the popular photo editing software. This app really made its mark especially last year where almost everyone was posting their photo using Prisma.... Read more »
Virtual Reality Vs Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality Vs Augmented Reality: Understanding the difference in detail  

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the two field that is emerging at a great pace in the recent times. But, one of the biggest confusion that still haunts many is the... Read more »

Ageing IT industry has ceased to grow in India

While fighting headwinds of an abating development, the $150-billion Indian IT industry is gazing at seemingly its greatest vulnerability as of late after Donald Trump was chosen as President of the US,... Read more »
Google made massive announcement at IO 2017

7 new Google Assistant feature that would surprise you

Google Assistant feature was the star of the recently held I/O 2017. In this years, I/O 2017, Google announced some major changes to its AI. These new features will increase the user... Read more »
artificial intelligence would impact professional writing

How artificial intelligence would impact professional writing

Professional writing is probably one of the jobs that require one’s complete imagination and ability to play with the word. The professional writer is expert in thinking out of the box, staying... Read more »
PL 2017 Lookback: Top 5 wicket takers this season

IPL 2017 Lookback: Top 5 batsman this season

The 10th edition of IPL comes to an end with Mumbai Indians winning the tournament. It was the first time they lifted the trophy. They beat RPS in the finals by 1... Read more »