relationship mistak

Common communication mistakes which couples often make

You must have heard one line that communication is the most important thing in a relationship. Well, it true. But, communication does not mean talking to your partner on a regular interval.... Read more »
intraction with art

My interaction with art

The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke It didn’t start with Picasso or with Mf Husain, it started with the green crayon that I had already rubbed... Read more »

Signs that prove your partner is totally in love with you

Love is the best feeling in the world. Since the day I saw you I’ve fallen for you, each day I follow you just to see those beautiful eyes of yours. What’s... Read more »
There is no need to explain


The amount of discrimination dusky girls have to face in our country is just sad. But being one myself, i completely understand how frustrating it can get to be constantly judged by... Read more »

How to know that enough is enough in a relationship?

The human need a relationship for survival. Be it with their mother, father, or their life partner. It’s human desire to be loved and we crave for it. But, sometimes we have... Read more »

World Humanitarian Day: 19 August 2017 #NotATarget

Is it really that hard to love each other as if they are your own and help each other out and to teach the hungry to grow food? World Humanitarian Day (WHD) is... Read more »

Ways to strengthen the relationship between you and your partner

When you are closest to a person then it’s easier to take him for granted. In any relationship, you should respect your partner’s wishes. It’s easier to dominate in a relationship but... Read more »
no makeup

No Makeup look: New trend among women

Women are known for beautiful looks and makeup that makes them more attractive and desirable. Since a very long time, women have worn different items to enhance their looks. These items generally... Read more »

Why we have fewer friends as we grow up?

People need other people to share their feelings and emotions. This is the very basic law of nature. There is no human that can leave alone forever. So, people try to make... Read more »

To Friend or Unfriend Your Ex: a great dilemma

The use of social media has increased a lot in the recent times. People use social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter a lot to share their best moments of their life. They... Read more »