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Common communication mistakes which couples often make

You must have heard one line that communication is the most important thing in a relationship. Well, it true. But, communication does not mean talking to your partner on a regular interval.... Read more »
interview question

How should you give answers to most challenging interview questions?

The daunting task for any student or job seeker is to sit in an interview. There is no one that completely nails the interview in the first go. We often required 2-3... Read more »
interesting fact about yuor self


Art of Being Happy   happy- We all have different definitions of being happy. But why is that people nowadays struggle to find that happiness? There is a strange restlessness that haunts... Read more »
There is no need to explain


The amount of discrimination dusky girls have to face in our country is just sad. But being one myself, i completely understand how frustrating it can get to be constantly judged by... Read more »

How to know that enough is enough in a relationship?

The human need a relationship for survival. Be it with their mother, father, or their life partner. It’s human desire to be loved and we crave for it. But, sometimes we have... Read more »

How to cope up with annoying people?

It always said that we should love all the other human in the world and should not hold our grudge towards anyone. These things suit better in the book only. As in... Read more »

7 Bollywood Actresses In One Frame. What’s the occasion !

“Thank you for making me feel so special,” Sridevi said after the party Sridevi Birthday Bash – August 13 Sridevi, who turned 54 on August 13, expressed: “Thank you Manish Malhotra for... Read more »

6 Bollywood stars and their super amazing cars

We Indians are obsessed with super cars and our super stars are no different. The tinsel town is studded with high-end cars and we just can’t stop gazing. From sheer luxury to... Read more »

Are you investing or spending your hard money?

Money- one of the most important resources of modern times. Those who have plenty of it can have anything and the one who does not have craves for more. But, do you... Read more »

Why do Introverts think too much?

There are two broad categories of people in the world- one introvert and the other extrovert. Both of the parts are completely opposite to each other in every aspect. But, one of... Read more »