Are you investing or spending your hard money?

Money- one of the most important resources of modern times. Those who have plenty of it can have anything and the one who does not have craves for more. But, do you... Read more »
wastage of time

Crucial wastage of time that we regret sooner or later

The two of the most important thing in this world is time and money. If you ask any successful person, he would tell you that if you have these two things in... Read more »

Ideation of Artificial Intelligence and its purpose at this time

The term “artificial intelligence” or “AI” was authored at the 1956 Dartmouth conference. The generally acknowledged definition is the Turing test, first proposed in 1950, as the capacity of a machine communicating... Read more »

NVIDIA joins hand with Baidu to work on AI for autonomous cars, cloud storage, and home  

  NVIDIA is the latest company to join hands with Baidu for the self-driving car technology. Baidu has already invested a lot in the Apollo self-driving cars. The Chinese search giant aims... Read more »
Virtual Reality Vs Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality Vs Augmented Reality: Understanding the difference in detail  

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the two field that is emerging at a great pace in the recent times. But, one of the biggest confusion that still haunts many is the... Read more »

No Love Lost – Time To Move On

Life is so unpredictable they say. Is that so? Yes, indeed it is. Life gives you infinite reasons to be happy. At times life might not be easy but it teaches you... Read more »

BJP Astounds Everyone With Its Choice of President

The Modi-Amit duo is attempting to change the picture of BJP Ram Nath Kovind is a political masterstroke decision by BJP and the pattern of choosing a politician for the presidential designation proceeds... Read more »

Difference between an extrovert and an introvert

Extrovert and introvert are the two terms that are often used to describe one’s, personality. But many times, we are not able to understand the difference between these two. The basic difference... Read more »

Trying to excel in career maintain a social life

  excel in career maintai- Device-Free Time Is as Important as Work-Life Balance Sure, my work-life balance is fine in those moments, as I’m not writing work emails in bed (though yes,... Read more »

The story of my first interview

story of my first interview The first interview is like a marker that marks the experience on the person and for the next recruiters. First job’s expectation in mind gets way beyond... Read more »