what to eat to gain weight fast

what to eat to gain weight fast what to eat to gain weight fast what to eat to gain weight fast what to eat to gain weight fast  Simply eating more is easier said than... Read more »
There is no need to explain


The amount of discrimination dusky girls have to face in our country is just sad. But being one myself, i completely understand how frustrating it can get to be constantly judged by... Read more »

What is fashion? – Learn from these celebrity kids

Fashion is what comes from within you. It is a knack of knowing your style and we deal with it almost every day. Movies have a major impact on what people wear... Read more »

Essentials for women’s closet

India is a large country with different types of fashion in different states. From north to south, fashion is been different in India.  As the western culture is also been accepted by... Read more »

5 Must have Shoes in a Girl’s Closet

When we talk about fashion the first thing that comes to our mind is clothes which are indeed an essential part of our fashion trend as it brings grace to our beauty,... Read more »

Essentials for a Men’s Closet

We have always come across write ups which talk about the fashion trend, look, outfit or women. Fashion is as important as it is for women being in a democratic country why... Read more »

Awesome Broke Girl Makeup Tips

  We have all been there! No money, and so many attractive makeup launches. Before I share the makeup hacks, I would like to include an additional tip: Stay away from YouTube... Read more »
bizarre Fashion

Bizarre Fashion Trends

Fashion, as glamorous as it sounds, has given enough pains to its fierce representatives in the past. Why is it that whenever you hear this word, the first thing that pops up... Read more »
The joy of dressing is what fashion is about

The Joy of Dressing an Art is what Fashion is about

Fashion is an admired style or tradition, mainly in clothing & apparel, footwear and makeup accessories, or furniture. It is an idiosyncratic and frequently continuous inclination in the manner in which a person dresses and... Read more »
make your wedding special

things that could make your wedding special

Weddings are probably the most important moment in everybody life. special wedding. Everyone dreams about their perfect wedding. They hope that they are going to have the wedding that would amaze all the... Read more »