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Art of Being Happy   happy- We all have different definitions of being happy. But why is that people nowadays struggle to find that happiness? There is a strange restlessness that haunts... Read more »
unhappy people

Things which unhappy people do

Unhappiness is a curse which many people adjoin themselves. Instead happiness is a state of mind. You choose what you want to be happy or unhappy. No one plays any role in... Read more »

World Humanitarian Day: 19 August 2017 #NotATarget

Is it really that hard to love each other as if they are your own and help each other out and to teach the hungry to grow food? World Humanitarian Day (WHD) is... Read more »

Why do Introverts think too much?

There are two broad categories of people in the world- one introvert and the other extrovert. Both of the parts are completely opposite to each other in every aspect. But, one of... Read more »

Why Growing old is easy but growing up is painful

Ever since we have been able to think, we have been thinking about the future. We try to figure out how our future will be when we grow up. We think about... Read more »
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Make your morning blissful and kill anxiety

Morning is the most precious time in a day. Starting your day with smile and motivation is necessary. Anxiety is a common disorder seen in people these days. Due to depression, our... Read more »
Sales Skills

Sales skills: It can help to become great from good

Sales skills– If you want to make your career in the field related to sales and business, then you should have excellent command over your communication skills. Not only that you should... Read more »

To Friend or Unfriend Your Ex: a great dilemma

The use of social media has increased a lot in the recent times. People use social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter a lot to share their best moments of their life. They... Read more »

Depression Myths: Debunked!

Being sad and being happy are some of the emotions that we living beings get to feel and portray. But like every coin, there are upsides to the ability to feel things.... Read more »

How to handle the rejection in the job search?

handle the rejection in the job search- The population has increased rapidly over the last few years. But, unfortunately, the jobs have not increased at the same pace. This means that it’s... Read more »