How to become a successful entrepreneur

Everyone like to own a business. Entrepreneurship is seen as the best way to secure a great and fulfilling career. Remember those days in college when you wanted to invent something new... Read more »
interview question

How should you give answers to most challenging interview questions?

The daunting task for any student or job seeker is to sit in an interview. There is no one that completely nails the interview in the first go. We often required 2-3... Read more »
wastage of time

Crucial wastage of time that we regret sooner or later

The two of the most important thing in this world is time and money. If you ask any successful person, he would tell you that if you have these two things in... Read more »
Sales Skills

Sales skills: It can help to become great from good

Sales skills– If you want to make your career in the field related to sales and business, then you should have excellent command over your communication skills. Not only that you should... Read more »

How to handle the rejection in the job search?

handle the rejection in the job search- The population has increased rapidly over the last few years. But, unfortunately, the jobs have not increased at the same pace. This means that it’s... Read more »
good habits

Some secrets that will help you build good habits

Everyone knows that building a good habit can be the tough task. If you ask anyone to leave a bad habit and replace with a good one, that can be the daunting... Read more »

How to give an interesting presentation?

give an interesting presentation– Have you ever felt nervous before giving any presentation? We all remember us sweating before an important presentation. Everyone must have given the presentation at one or other... Read more »
cloud computing service

Google to launch a cloud computing service with an AI chip

AI which stands for Artificial Intelligence is considered to the future of computing sector. All the big companies like Google, Samsung, Apple uses Artificial Intelligence technologies. You must have used or at... Read more »


How To build your brand- The market place is flooding with products, each one claiming to be better than the other. And so, every product brings along a new splurge of thought... Read more »
hybrid apps

App developers – Catchup changing trends

App developers It’s said that time never stops for anyone. The world is changing every day. Everyday a technology is invented and old technology goes out. So, as an app developer, you... Read more »