facial exercises for wrinkles Around Mouth

facial exercises for wrinkles youtube Get rid of wrinkles. Here are four more face-loving tricks to try.facial exercises for Wrinkles Around Mouth Your workout regime might be in good shape, but how about the face... Read more »

coconut oil benefits and side effects

coconut oil benefits and side effects Coconut oil is rich in antioxidants and healthy acids like caprylic, capric, lauric and mystic acid. Coconut oil is very useful in smoothing, softening and lubricating... Read more »
tips for beauty


PRODUCT REVIEW Cold cream can be found in so many households. It is one of those products which never get old and provide so much relief to the skin during winters. But... Read more »
tips for beauty

2 Effective Homemade Moisturizers For Dry Skin

Dry skin or rough skin days are here. Yes, it becomes difficult for a person who has dry skin to maintain oneself and keep it properly moisturized. Isn’t it quite amazing if... Read more »
green tea

3 Amazing Anti-Aging Benefits Of Green Tea

Just like any other tea, green tea is just an ingredient, isn’t it? No, green tea is not just a beverage but a magic ingredient too that can really reverse the aging... Read more »
There is no need to explain


The amount of discrimination dusky girls have to face in our country is just sad. But being one myself, i completely understand how frustrating it can get to be constantly judged by... Read more »

7 Bollywood Actresses In One Frame. What’s the occasion !

“Thank you for making me feel so special,” Sridevi said after the party Sridevi Birthday Bash – August 13 Sridevi, who turned 54 on August 13, expressed: “Thank you Manish Malhotra for... Read more »

Remedies to get rid of pimples overnight

Pimples are quite normal. But some people lose all chill when a pimple begins to appear. Of course their timing could be a little off! But hey! There is no need to... Read more »
no makeup

No Makeup look: New trend among women

Women are known for beautiful looks and makeup that makes them more attractive and desirable. Since a very long time, women have worn different items to enhance their looks. These items generally... Read more »

Kolkata- the city of joy

The train journey from Ahmedabad to Kolkata hasn’t been so eventful until this year. I generally never recount my train journeys, but this time it’s worth recounting. Well, it was the “India... Read more »