TIPS TO LOOSE WEIGHT- TIPS TO LOOSE WEIGHT TIPS TO LOOSE WEIGHT TIPS TO LOOSE WEIGHT – Drop pounds faster. Ever wonder why loading up on salad doesn’t always help you slim... Read more »

Avocado diet for weight loss

Damn, that obesity is so frustrating at times. I want to look perfectly beautiful again like I used to be earlier. These weight loss problems are so annoying that sometimes it becomes... Read more »

About Your Personality

Jane Sheehan, celebrity foot reader and reflexologist, explains there is a deep relationship between your feet and different aspects of the human body. For example, people who have big toes longer than... Read more »
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Everyday Healthy Habits

Yor are doing everything best for your health, right? Everyday Healthy Habits  At least your intentions are always good when it comes to healthy habits. From brushing your teeth after eating to resting... Read more »

Interesting facts to save money and eat food

Money saving at the end of the month is a challenge. Moreover, your budget of entire month is settled. With the expense of beer or party just spoil your budget. Saving money... Read more »
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No Makeup look: New trend among women

Women are known for beautiful looks and makeup that makes them more attractive and desirable. Since a very long time, women have worn different items to enhance their looks. These items generally... Read more »
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Make your morning blissful and kill anxiety

Morning is the most precious time in a day. Starting your day with smile and motivation is necessary. Anxiety is a common disorder seen in people these days. Due to depression, our... Read more »

Top cancer fighting foods

Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases creeping upon the human population. It seems to arrive silently and often people are too late to discover it. Cancer happens due to the... Read more »

Home remedies to cure the common cold

# REMEDY 1 Slurp some chicken soup   Why: it helps keep you hydrated. Substances in chicken soup reduce the inflammation associated with a cold.   # REMEDY 2 Steam it away... Read more »

5 Delicious desi drinks you must try this summers!

One of the best ways in which you can get rid of this summer is that by tasting or by even having these delicious drinks which will cool you down naturally and... Read more »