Owner’s LaFerrari Supercar

Ferrari’s current hypercar offering,  Owner’s LaFerrari Supercar the LaFerrari, is about as awesome as a car can get. The car is powered by a V12 engine and electric motors which together produce... Read more »

Can Nokia have a splendid return?

Nokia has simply declared its 1st Android flagship smartphone. The Nokia 8 has been a long time to come. Nokia fans have waited years for his or her much-loved company to embrace... Read more »

Ideation of Artificial Intelligence and its purpose at this time

The term “artificial intelligence” or “AI” was authored at the 1956 Dartmouth conference. The generally acknowledged definition is the Turing test, first proposed in 1950, as the capacity of a machine communicating... Read more »

Apple to release smartwatch series 3 with LTE connectivity later this year

According to a recent report, Apple is working on a smartwatch that works independently from a smartphone.  Bloomberg reports that the next-generation Apple Watch will have a cellular connectivity, meaning the wearable will... Read more »

Top Python libraries for data science

Python has gained a lot of popularity as the programming language in the field of data science. The main reason for this is the vast libraries offered that make the job easy.... Read more »

Does privacy exists?

Privacy is a fundamental human right perceived in the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and in numerous other worldwide and territorial bargains. Privacy supports... Read more »

How to handle the rejection in the job search?

handle the rejection in the job search- The population has increased rapidly over the last few years. But, unfortunately, the jobs have not increased at the same pace. This means that it’s... Read more »

Mobiles Feasting On Human Minds Since 90’S

The modes of communications have improved and humanity has witnessed a paradigm shift. The evolution of communication instruments has not only eased the process of communication but also influenced the lifestyle of... Read more »
Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa: Everything that you should know

You must have heard about the Amazon Alexa which has been in the news recently. It is the artificial Intelligence software, similar to that of Google Assistant. This software uses artificial intelligence... Read more »


What is all about surveillance? If one seeks to elucidate the concept of surveillance and cyber threat and all the related paradigms briefly then there can be a rise of confusion, it... Read more »