How should you give answers to most challenging interview questions?

The daunting task for any student or job seeker is to sit in an interview. There is no one that completely nails the interview in the first go. We often required 2-3 attempts to get pass through an interview. According to study, students are more afraid of the interview that giving a tough exam. So, what makes an interview so daunting? Why students get nightmares about the interview?

Well, in an interview, interviewer tests the candidate on various skills. For, this he or she tends to ska several mind-boggling questions that most of the candidates fail to answer. This is where they get an idea whether the given candidate is actually capable of handling an important position or not. The challenging questions rapidly separate the weak from the strong candidates.  So, how should you prepare for these questions that can almost freeze your brain in an interview? Well, there is no perfect way but certain ways are there by which you can improve your chances of getting selected in an interview.

How should you give answers to most challenging interview questions?

Try to be different in interview

You should not answer with the information that the interviewer expects. You should provide an answer that includes information you’d like them to know. Always try to be proactive instead of reactive. Always remember, a strategic, mature and imaginative reply quickly sets a strong candidate apart from a weak one.

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To stand out in an interview, you’ll need to know how to easily and quickly switch the focus of an interview, so that your positive side is always on show. Let’s see some of the questions?

  1. What’s your salary expectation?

This is probably the most asked question in an interview but still, causes the problem to candidates. You should always be prepared for this question, and if given a range to choose from, make sure that you pick a salary that is higher than the median. The figure that you tell will demonstrate your confidence in yourself.

Always remember one thing, give an exact number rather than giving a range. Also, you can use your negotiation skills to get the best package for the job.


  1. Why are you leaving your old job?

Another question that tends to confuse lots of candidates. Remember one thing Do not criticize your previous company. You should try to explain the interview that how this job is better for you as a career opportunity and how you are the perfect one for the job. You should not try to compare both the company or the position, rather try to focus on you want to raise the bar for yourself.

How should you give answers to most challenging interview questions?

  1. You don’t appear to have sufficient experience?

When people talk about experience, they mean years of experience. If you do have enough years to show then you should tell the interviewer about your role in the previous company. You should tell that you have handled the various tough job in pats rather than just sitting around and doing one job for many years. By doing this, you’ll convince the interviewer that even though you only have fewer years of experience, that you’ve learned more than someone who’s had more years of experience.

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  1. Are you having other interviews, if yes, what are they?

By admitting that you have other interviews, will give you the aura of someone in demand. This will force the interviewer to make you a good offer because he will know that you are in dem

Don’t shy away from challenging interview questions. They are your opportunity to showcase that you are different from others.

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