Signs that prove your partner is totally in love with you

Love is the best feeling in the world. Since the day I saw you I’ve fallen for you, each day I follow you just to see those beautiful eyes of yours. What’s the truth you’re hiding? Want to know about it. Loving a person and getting love back from that person is not easy in today’s generation. You need to make a lot of compromises in order to get it. No matter what you need to support your partner in each and every stage of life. Love has no definition it’s a feeling of being together.


No matter what you need to support your partner in each and every stage of life. Love has no definition it’s a feeling of being together. Strange isn’t it? A person who knows the value of love doesn’t get it and the person who doesn’t know the value of love gets it.


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I sometimes don’t understand why people don’t value it? Why doesn’t everyone take it seriously? why is that everyone leave? There are questions but no answers. Sometimes if one person loves the most he/she is confused about the other one and vice versa. Questions do arise but can’t find solutions to it.


Here are some of the key signs which prove that your partner is totally in love with you:

  • Trust: Trust is important more than anything if you partner trust you so there’s nothing you need to worry about because trust is that thing that helps in growth of your relationship even more.


  •  They are curious about your day: If he/she really curious to know about the activities you’ve have been doing the whole day then trust me he/she have completely fallen for you. In reality, if a person isn’t in love with you, they wouldn’t give a crap about you but even if they listen to you and your problems then it’s obvious he/she cares for you.


  • They enjoy your company: In a relationship, it is important to spend as much as time you can spend it with your partner and obviously you might have decided to spend more time with your partner than anyone else. And spending time with your partner is indeed a good sign.


  • They show you respect always: Respect is the key to the relationship. It’s not important to always show respect but it’s important to respect. if your partner doesn’t respect you or you don’t respect them then there’s no way your love can grow.


  • They have your back and you have them: would partner defend you in an awkward situation or will take your stand even if you’re wrong? It’s important to take stand for your partner if you really feel for them and if you love them.


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Love can dangerous at times but overall it’s the best feeling in the world. It happens only once and only when you’ve completed your teenage years. If the time is right you will fall in love with the right person but If the time is wrong and the person is right maybe you will end up making the time right. Choose people wisely don’t rush things and most importantly don’t lose hope. Moreover, it’s Just a bad day, not a bad life forget and forgive.

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