How to know that enough is enough in a relationship?

The human need a relationship for survival. Be it with their mother, father, or their life partner. It’s human desire to be loved and we crave for it. But, sometimes we have to realize that enough is enough. It’s natural for us to end the relationship with our partner rather than dragging that. So, how will you know that a particular relationship is one the verge of ending?

While your relationship doesn’t need to be perfect, you do need to watch for some troubling patterns and trends over time. It is not productive or pleasant to be in a situation where you are always second-guessing yourself about the long-term viability of a relationship.

Just ask the below question to yourself and you will realise whether you should be done with that particular relationship or not.

  • Can you and your partner speak openly?

The most important thing in a relationship is communication. The two people involved in a relationship should be able to say all things to each other. The problem starts when one of them start hiding or not sharing things with the other.

Does your partner shut down when you bring up emotional material? When you ask questions and try to get to know the other in a closer or deeper manner, do they try to divert the topic? If they do so, then you should notice that. f you and your partner can’t openly express yourselves, and feel safe doing so, emotional closeness will move out of reach.




  • Do you want the same thing as your partner?

The best relationship is those in which both the parties have the same goal in a long-term. But, there are points where you will find out that you and your partner want different things. This is a moment where you should analyze that whether you want to continue that relationship or not. Do you both want to live in the same geographic area or type of community? Do you both aspire to demanding careers or to a more relaxed lifestyle?

You might feel that these differences are small but over the course of, differences of this kind can become huge stumbling blocks to happiness.


  • Do conflicts inevitably turns in fight regularly?

It’s natural to have a conflict but the strength of that relationship depends on whether you can resolve that conflict without being involved in a serious fight. When people call each other names, engage in character assassination, blame the other for their problems, their thought processes are impaired. In these cases, instead of enjoying your time with your partner, you become consumed by how to protect yourself from an argument.




  • Can you be you with your partner?

The real relationship is one in which your partner wants to know you inside and out and loves you anyway. If you are trying to hide your natural behaviour then that relation is more likely to be not real. Over time, being perfect becomes exhausting, and you may start to wonder why you are in this relationship at all. People stay with friends and romantic partners for the long term when they feel comfortable being themselves in the presence of the other person.

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