How to enhance the brain creativity?

You must have heard about the people having extraordinary brains. All the designers, manufacturers come up with the brilliant ideas to enhance the sale of their services. So, why is that those people can think which other cannot? Why Mark Zuckerberg thought of building something like Facebook and no one other did?

There has to be a reason which makes them different from the rest of us. This is where creativity comes in. To be able to think what other cannot, is the ability which makes a person more creative. But, you should know that there is often no such thing as a born genius or born creative. Similar to the other skills, creativity can also be developed over a period of time. All it takes is practice, and exercising those creative muscles that have often been underutilised.


brain creativity


Think rather than memorising

You must have remembered your childhood days where you were taught to mug up or memorise things. The focus on memorisation and the repeating of facts are very misguided and is based on a real misunderstanding of how the brain works. Instead, it’s far easier to preserve past memories, emotions, and ideas by simply jotting them down.

You must have heard that human brain is one of the most powerful units in this planet. There is no one who can match the capabilities of the human brain. Yet, our brains are not good when it comes to multitasking. Yes, you can do multitasking very easily but only with those things which do not require complete focus. For example, if you are studying then you cannot do another task like checking your Facebook or WhatsApp. As soon as your brain had to focus on multiple things at once, your ability to do any of the tasks severely decreased. We are often unaware just how cluttered our minds are by physical distractions and thoughts.


brain creativity



It is a good idea to prioritise what is most important to you. You can start doing this on a smaller scale first and then later try to expand it.


Keeping your brain sharp

The two sides of the brain are focused on the development and control of different abilities. The left side of the brain is responsible for processing things like numbers, languages, fixed concrete information. On the other hand, the right side of the brain processes and controls creativity, critical thinking, and artistic ability.


brain creativity


Generally, we tend to focus to sharp the left side of the brain by memorizing things.

Here are few things that you can do to sharpen your brain-

  1. 15-minute workout daily (preferably in the morning)
  2. 10-minute meditation (in the morning or at night)
  3. Listening to music when you start feeling bored
  4. Involving yourself in a creative hobby such as painting

You need to analyze problems in your daily life and start solving them. Often times, people focus on something new and original. Doing this will always be fruitless as the mind needs simulations in order to think. To improve your creative skills, try to think of dynamic or creative solutions to problems.

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