Are you investing or spending your hard money?

Money- one of the most important resources of modern times. Those who have plenty of it can have anything and the one who does not have craves for more. But, do you know that money can also be earned by saving the money. We always keep of focusing how to get more money but keep on spending money ridiculously.

Remember your childhood days, when your parents use to give some pocket money and tell us, “do not spend all the money.” You must have thought that they are just saying but it has a deeper meaning. They used to convey us an important message to save the hard-earned money. We tend to realise these facts when we grow up. Be aware of your spending habits. You should know that you have worked hard for your money. By all means, treat yourself, but also consider the time you’ve put into earning that cash.


So, how to save more money so that we can use it in future?


  • Do not fall for “good deal”

When you go to shopping, we always try to find the best deals for the items we are looking for. Now, imagine a situation where you have two deals in front of you. Both items are being offered at $100. But, one item was priced at $150 and one was $110 and the shopkeeper agreed to sell both of them for $100. Which one will you buy? You thought the first one as it was more expensive and there was more discount on that item.

This is where we make mistake. We are buying the items for its price rather than how much discount was offered to us. Many people fall for this trick and end up getting bad items at a higher price. We just end up with stuff. Stuff we don’t need and doesn’t bring us any fulfilment.


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  • Buy what you need not what you want

Always remember that you should buy the things that you need not what you want.  It is exciting to get something new, and at the moment, we believe that this new item will help to shape us into the person we want to be. But the truth is, these items won’t change us. And we’re likely to lose interest in them just after a few days. Don’t buy it on impulse, wait until the next day and consider if you really need it. Chances are you’ll forget about the item.


  • Buying instead of investing

Whenever we have extra money we tend to buy more things rather than investing that money. Yes, if you buy new things you will flaunt it around and be the envy of the town. But as soon as you’ve felt that satisfaction, that handbag no longer benefits you. So, try to invest the money somewhere rather than just going to shopping mall and buying things that you do not need.




  • Do not try to buy the relationship

Many people think that if you have plenty of money than you can spend that on your date. This can be an easier way to get partners but is wasteful as chances of getting the real partner are very less with this method. If your partner is only with you because of what you can offer them materialistically, then you should know it isn’t real. You shouldn’t have to buy your friends or romantic partners with extravagant items.

Always remember that every penny saved is every penny earned. Try to save more so that you can use it when needed.




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