Why do Introverts think too much?

There are two broad categories of people in the world- one introvert and the other extrovert. Both of the parts are completely opposite to each other in every aspect. But, one of the major difference between the two of them is that before making any decision introverts spend a lot of time deciding on the consequences of that decision. On the other hand, extroverts are quick to make the decision.

Extroverts do not think a lot before making any decision. Well, this can be bad and good also depending on the circumstances. When you make a quick decision, without thinking about the consequences, then you are more likely to get in trouble when the things do not go according to your plan. This is where introverts have an advantage. They are ready for various circumstances beforehand and thus is less prone to get surprised by the unfavourable situations.




Why do introverts think too much?

There have been various researches conducted on why introverts think too much before making any decision. Turns out, the introvert’s overthinking is related to the level of activity in our brains. In one of the researchers, the electrical activity in the brains of both introverts and extroverts was mapped. The introverts had higher levels of electrical activity than the extroverts. This indicated that introverts had greater cortical arousal (related to voluntary activity in the body). This means introverts may process more information than extroverts, which helps explain why introverts are prone to overthinking.


Is over thinking bad?

Overthinking can help us to avoid and be prepared for unfavourable circumstances. But, sometimes this can also have a negative impact on you. Overthinking can lead to anxiety and worry. It can keep us rooted in fear, indecision, and doubt. It may also prevent us from moving forward with our lives. For example, you want to buy a ticket to flight when the price is almost low. But, the price keeps on fluctuating each day. Introverts in this situation are likely to wait and will end up not buying the ticket if the price goes up suddenly.




So, is overthinking a bad thing or a good one. Well, that depends on the circumstances. It’s all about balance. You have to know when to lean into your introverted overthinking tendencies and when to pull back. If overthinking is causing you anxiety, sadness, then realize that it’s time to pull back.

If you are overthinking about something, then you can shift your entire focus onto a different thing altogether. You can be talking to someone, listen to music etc. Introverts, you have powerful minds. Just remember “Overthinking, when used the right way, can be one of your greatest assets”.

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