Earth laughs in flowers: Importance of flowers in life

Different flowers have different significance and symbolise different meanings. Different flowers are set up for different occasions

Earth is considered as one of the most beautiful planets in the solar system. Earth is the most beautiful because it comprises of beautiful flowers which are gifted to us by God. Just living is not enough, one must have sunshine, freedom, and for all this you need flowers. The flower is a representation of prosperity, wealth, and fortune. Flowers contains properties along with it which make the uses of flowers, even more, these properties are Fragrance, Beauty, Natural beauty tips and medicinal property. Flowers can help us in building our bonds and helps in keeping our relationships alive. Flowers are the beautiful creations of God which are gifted to our dear ones on birthdays, anniversaries, to bring a smile, farewell. Flowers help us in conveying our message in a delicate and in a graceful way.

Different flowers have different significance and symbolise different meanings. Different flowers are set up for different occasions these are:


Flowers for Birthdays:

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When we are gifting flowers to someone on their birthdays we tend to gift it with the significance of friendship and happiness.

For this occasion any type of yellow flower is perfect, but in particular lilies, dandelions. For others, consider a rose, marigold and red carnation.


Flowers for Valentine’s Day:

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Valentine’s Day is celebrated to show affection and love towards your partner, if you are in a relationship, then beautiful lavender roses will be perfect, as they signify enchantment.

For married couples, a bouquet of red tulips can help in making your day wonderful.


Flowers for Funeral:

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When you are paying tribute to a recently defunct member of the family or a loved one, then the arrangements of a flower are really common, then you tend to choose flowers that signify love and respect. Flowers that best signifies this are roses, lilies, and chrysanthemums and also want to select lighter colours that emit calmness and peace.


Flowers for Weddings or Anniversary:

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The flowers that are selected for a wedding are entirely up to the bride and that can be anything that the bride wants. But, in a smaller bouquet, the boutonniere by the groom is intended to match the flowers of that of the bride.

For a wedding anniversary, the flowers are different depending upon the anniversary. Anything around the five-year streak could be a daisy, for a ten year anniversary you can call for daffodil and for 25th-anniversary iris is perfect.

Every flower established on this earth is here for a purpose and reason that reverberates in the rich legacy and individuality. Any festival or any kind of celebration is incomplete without the inclusion of lovely fragrance, flowers express enhance celebrations and feelings. There is no need to leave the house and go out to buy the flowers, you can rather easily order them from your home and just choose the type of flowers you want and the address needs to be mentioned and rest will be taken care by the stores.

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